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Celebrity Hair Transplant in India

Celebrity Hair Transplant in India

One of Bollywood’s biggest actor and bad boy, Salman Khan was one of the few celebrities who are open about his battle with hair loss and his hair transplant. As a person whose career is hinged largely on his looks, he certainly used the aggressive approach to relieve the problem. And today, his results became one of those that people look on to as a perfect example of a successful hair transplant. Hair loss is a condition that is suffered by men, usually those who are aging. But unfortunately for 20% of these men, experience hair loss during their twenties. Salman Khan who is still in his early thirties was already showing signs of a receding hair line. And for someone who had a good volume of hair and whose image was defined by it, a hair transplant is a good option. Compared to other treatments, hair transplant is considered to be the best viable choice because it gives good coverage and permanent results. Unfortunately not all hair transplant services result to success, and Khan found this out in his first procedure back in 2003. He had another work done in Dubai back in 2007 to correct the botched results. It was said that it was an American doctor who performed the procedure, but no name was revealed to the public. To Khan’s advantage, the results were highly favorable as evidenced by the excellent hair coverage. But what approach was used on Salman Khan? As a public figure, it is important that the outcome provided good aesthetic results. This means that as much as possible it should be natural-looking and free from scars. That is why he opted for FUE or the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. In hair transplant there are two approaches used to remove the follicular units or the donor hair grafts, and these are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE. FUT is the traditional technique which removes a strip of the scalp containing the hair grafts. Each donor graft is then extracted by hair technicians using a high-powered microscope before it is implanted back to the head. But the major drawback with FUT is that it causes a large scar at the back of the head, which is exactly what Khan was most certain to avoid. This led him to choose the more lengthy and expensive but aesthetically pleasing FUE.

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