ARTAS is the first Robotic machine for Hair transplant which is US FDA approved

World’s first fully computerized Robotic machine for harvesting of grafts

It is a state of the art machine which has computerized algorithms to detect anagen Hair, most viable for Hair transplant

It has inbuilt parameters like:

  • Depth of graft
  • Size of graft
  • Single, double, triple Hair grafts can be prerecorded by selecting parameters
  • Lie of graft is seen on computer screen hence minimal chances of transection of grafts.
  • Blocking of unwanted hair hence those hair follicles are not damaged thus preventing shock loss.

Advantages of ARTAS over FUE

  • It is a computerized Robotic machine hence minimizes human error
  • Very precise and accurate harvesting of grafts to utilize maximum donor area in minimum time frame
  • Computerized Algorithms to select grafts
  • Viability of grafts is more as there is no damage to the graft, this happens very commonly in drilling and rotation mechanisms during the FUE Technique
  • Digital mapping of Donor area provides detailed and consistent graft dissection
  • Uses double punch technique where sharp: Punch cuts out only outer layer of skin( Epidermis) and inner blunt punch harvests grafts so there is less damage to inner skin ( Dermis) , this heals the skin very naturally and fast giving donor area re-growth

How ARTAS Benefits You

  • Virtually a pain free procedure
  • No stitches or linear scar with the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant procedure
  • Selects the best anagen hair for harvesting
  • Delivers high quality and sturdy grafts
  • Digital mapping provides detailed and consistent graft dissection
  • Eliminates human fatigue or error as every graft is as qualified as the first.
  • Creates natural site distribution for optimal results that avoids damaging existing healthy hair
  • Transplanted hair grows naturally and prevents a sudden change in appearance
  • Fast recovery period
  • Results last a lifetime