Choosing a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Doctor Makes A Different

A hair restoration technique is incomplete without a doctor who is qualified with certain degrees and certifications that give them the access to perform the surgery.

Ensuring that the physician you choose is qualified to perform the hair transplant surgery and also look for the before and after pictures of the patients.

There are many factors to consider while choosing a surgeon for hair restoration surgery. But most importantly what matters are the experience and the commitment of the surgeon.

Points to check while choosing Doctor for Hair transplant procedure :

  • Doctor should be MD Dermatologist or MS plastic surgeon as only these specialities are ethically allowed to do hair transplant in India.
  • Experience of the Doctor .. a surgeon is as good as the experience…
  • Technology used for hair transplant .. as there many techniques … one should go for most advanced techniques as they definitely have advantage over older techniques!
  • Hygiene of the clinic as procedure done under sterile environment will eliminate the possibility of any infection.

Questions To Ask To A Doctor

  • Take first hand experience from doctor’s existing patient about the pre, ongoing and post operative experiences and as well as their results.
  • Check before and after photos.
  •  Ask Doctor about approximate number of grafts to be transplanted and overall surgical plan
  •  get an idea on Hairline design
  •  Ask about complications of procedure if any.
  •  Ask about post procedure protocol as it’s very important to monitor patient after procedure.
  • Ask doctor if the Clinic is equipped to handle any emergency in case if it happens which is rare.

Striving For Successful Results

At Hair Science we ensure you the best possible results for every patient with the highest success rate and natural looking hairline design.

All  treatments are done  under the International Standards.

Hair science takes pride in declaring that since 2004 when we started ..till date we have not recorded any case of infection!!! We take utmost precautions in keeping sterile environment in procedure room.

We don’t believe in going for short-cuts, as treating our patients with the right procedure is the only motto of Hair Science.

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