Combination Treatments

Dr. Anjali Shere has taken on a leadership role in a specialty of surgical and non surgical hair restoration treatments!
We have designed HAIR BOOSTER PROGRAM for people who have hair fall & Hair thinning problem without obvious baldness specially Women.
Women with hormonal problems, Thyroid issues, Post pregnancy etc …
Even men who are losing hair but not yet developed bald patch, also to preserve original
Hair after Hair transplant we use Combination therapy.

It involves standard application of hair products, Vitamins, minerals which are essential for hair growth, PRP and Laser treatments.
Combination therapy increases the chances of achieving hair growth over a longer duration
And boosts natural hair at the same time gives strength to existing hair!!
Our aim is to overcome entire hair loss problem using multi-approach therapy. Our team looks at patient’s diet, lifestyle, genetics and other aspects before prescribing them.
We use combination therapy even to Hair transplantation surgery to achieve maximum results and to give strength and nutrition to transplanted grafts as well as existing hair!

Dr. Anjali Shere will clinically examine and discuss your expectations and goals from Hair Restoration procedure and advice you the right combination of treatments!
You can refer our hair loss product page for more information on medical treatments.

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