Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

There is no denying that women also suffer from hair fall problems.Around 40% of the women in the world are experiencing hair loss, due to a wide range of factors which include stress, nutritional deficiencies, anemia, use of medication, and hormonal changes, Thyroid disorders etc. At Hair Science we recommend to take advice in early stages of hair loss to prevent further loss and damage to Hair.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Similar to male pattern baldness, women can also be subjected by Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) or is medically termed as Androgenic Alopecia, which can arise from puberty onwards. In FPHL, the hair thins mainly on the top of the head or on the crown of the scalp.

It usually begins with a widening from the center of the hair part, where the hair follicles become shorter and produce more brittle hair and eventually stops producing any new hair.

Female hair loss can also occur during the period of menopause and going through childbirth or post surgery stress induces. Type of hair loss called telogen effluvium.

Regain Hair At Hair Science Clinic

Hair Science Clinic is known for the finest treatment and a permanent solution for hair loss. Every problem related to hair fall is answered by the skilled surgeons of Hair Science.

They have even hair transplant procedures on Women with wider partition or receding temples with 100% success rate. Hair science offers HAIR BOOSTER PROGRAM for women with mild to moderate hair loss where Platelet Rich plasma (PRP), Laser treatments (LLLT), and Nutritional supplements are given to induce hair growth and to strengthen existing hair …It will give a very positive impact on Hair!

To identify the reason behind your hair loss problem and for the best treatment plan, please consult Dr. Anjali Shere by giving us a call or by clicking the tab of Book Online Consultation.