Hair Science team performs both FUT and FUE hair transplantation surgery. FUT also called as strip method where a elliptical incision is given in donor area and scalp is cut till subcutaneous fat.

This strip is removed and both the edges of scalp are stitched together. The strip is then slivered in to 1-3 hair follicle groups called follicular units. The follicles are then inserted in to the recipient area. Before the FUT hair transplant procedure, it is required that the patient quit smoking and drinking habits, as these habits will decrease the effectiveness of the surgery and you will experience the risk of FUT side effects. This process is ideal for a person who has suffered hair loss for almost 5 years caused by male pattern baldness or, those who have lost their hair due to burns and lacerations.

Disadvantages Of FUT

  • It’s very painful compared to FUE procedure
  • There is cut and stitches which takes long time to heal.
  • Limited availability of donor as many strips can’t be removed.

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