What After Hair Loss ?

Seeking for hair transplant in early stages of baldness will help you in restoring bald patch as well as strengthening existing hair. Before going ahead with any treatment, it is important to have the cause of your hair loss confirmed by a medical professional who is trained in Hair Restoration.

At Hair Science Clinic, we offer you a complete range of hair restoration treatments that best suit your hair loss problems. After the diagnosis of the cause of your hair loss problem, we’ll advise you the options of hair restoration treatment according to the condition of your hair loss.

Other Solutions

Surgical Hair Transplantation is the only proven hair restoration solution for genetic hair loss; however there are other solutions for slowing down the hair loss and revitalize hair growth. The only drugs which are approved by the FDA are Topical minoxidil and Tablet Finasteride to treat the hair loss resulting from hereditary causes.

The topical solution of minoxidil is applied directly onto the scalp where hair growth is desired, whereas, finasteride is the first pill that stops thinning / Miniaturisation by blocking DHT.

Like all prescription products, both the drugs should be taken under a doctor’s care and there benefits only last while you’re taking the medication.

Types Of Surgery

There are two ways to regain hair

1) Surgical hair restoration

2) Non-surgical hair replacement

If we compare both treatments then going for hair replacement ( wigs, patches, Hair weaving, hair bonding) is way too expensive than hair restoration. It is advisable to do plenty of research before settling down for any hair transplant clinic.

Make an appointment with Hair Science Clinic now to find out the reason behind your hair loss problem.