• Hair transplant is considered a permanent solution to hair loss.
  • Cost is the major factor for everyone.
  • One thing that you need to know about hair transplant is that the advanced technology has made the hair restoration methodology more valuable and cheaper than other non-surgical treatment like hair system or hair care products.
  • Hair transplant cost depends from one person to another person. Higher the extent of hair loss, more costly will be the treatment.
  • If a person falls into a Norwood Class II-IV, then a patient will require 500-2000grafts. But if a person’s baldness touches Norwood Class IV-VI, then the surgeon opts for 2000-4500 grafts. Whereas grade VI and VII sometimes need body hair transplant as well for filling the density which can increase the cost significantly.
  • It all depends on the requirement of the grafts. If the usage of the grafts is high, the cost is going to be high as well. The cost of hair restoration is also determined by your hair characteristics such as hair texture, ethnicity and color contrast. For example, if you have curly or wavy hair then fewer grafts will be used to cover the complete bald area. Contrary to this, the surgeon needs to transplant more grafts, if your hair texture is fine and straight.
  • An important factor that involves in determining cost is the availability of a number of hair follicles in a donor site. If more amount of donor’s hair is available then you can expect a cost-effective hair restoration.
  • The cost of the procedure is also dependent on the experience of the surgeons. A highly experienced and certified surgeon who has a good reputation will surely charge a higher fee than an inexperienced one.
  • Select a skilled surgeon who has full knowledge about the hair transplant procedure that can give you the best results and natural looking hair.
  • In India many clinics have opened up owing to popularity of hair restoration procedure ….one of the most important criteria is if the surgeon is MD Dermatologist or MS plastic surgeon….as MCI guidelines includes only these specialties to do Hair Transplant.( having certificates of Trichology and courses from foreign doctors or association with hair societies or bodies doesn’t qualify to practice hair transplant in India.)
  • Doctors who are under qualified or technicians who pose as doctors and open clinics will definitely charge much less!!!
  • Person going for hair transplant should keep in mind that it’s a surgical procedure where your head will be operated upon so the deciding factor is surgeon’s qualification and experience rather than low cost or discounts!!!

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